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If you are looking for a must do for any mom to be then you need to take the time to head to a Gearapalooza in your city. This week I was lucky enough to check out the one being held here in Vancouver at West Coast Kids and it was amazing. I was treated to an all access look at this great event and I will be the first to tell you how these events are honestly invaluable to for any pregnant mom.

Once you get inside you are treated to a great light dinner that really hits the spot while you get started walking around, looking at all the amazing products and getting to know each of the amazing brand experts. Getting the chance to talk to the top brand experts in Canada was a great opportunity. Being able to ask every question you can think of is a great way to really find out exactly what brands and products are going to be a good fit for you and your families needs. Getting to handle each stroller was such a HUGE benefit; something that I honestly wish I had an opportunity to take advantage of when I was pregnant.

Not only are you getting a chance to learn from the best brand experts in the field the great folks at Bump Club and Beyond took the time to fly in one of the most charismatic baby experts in North America: The Baby Guy NYC! So after being able to touch and check out all the car seats, strollers, carriers, bassinets etc… The Baby Guy took the time to talk all about safety and gave us some of his recommendations and why. He was also super kind to answer many of the moms pressing car seat and crib questions and there sure was a lot of them!

One of the brands and products that stood out to me most was the Newton crib mattress – it was by far my top choice item for any mom to be. In fact this is going to be my new go to gift for baby showers, as it is a great gift to pitch in on for someone. These mattresses are completely breathable, which means you or your baby can be face planted in this mattress and you will still be breathing fine. Not only that it is completely washable.

You heard me. 

This mattress comes apart so you can clean it fully on your own. You can unzip the outside and throw it in the washing machine and wash the rest in your tub easily and let sun dry. This is a mattress that Newton desperately needs to make in more sizes. It would be a dream come true for any mom, especially to those little bed wetters.

On top of that amazing mattress I walked away with priceless information on car seats, there was so much I wasn’t considering or just plain didn’t know. It was so refreshing to be able to go somewhere, as a seasoned mom of two older boys now, and walk away having learned something completely new. It is incredible to see all these great companies adapting their innovations to make them safer, better and more user friendly.

But that’s not all Gearapalooza events have in store for you!

They also hook you up with a gift bag filled with goodies, and those goodies get better and better depending on your ticket purchase. Mine was pretty great and I couldn’t help but take a picture of it all when I got home.

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The whole event was a night filled with great women to bond and talk to, plus incredible experts both from specific brands and in general. Every woman there was taking full advantage of the opportunity and making sure to ask all the questions they had and it was a beautiful thing.

It truly does take a village and Gearapalooza is part of helping bring that village together for all us moms who need it!

Thrilled to have been invited and I can’t wait to see what the future of Gearapalooza has in store! 

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