Important Things To Consider Before TTC

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You feel your biological clock ticking. Scratch that. It’s all you hear, every second of every minute of every day. This ticking might have been the rhythm you’ve been marching to for years or it might have crept up on you unexpectedly one day as you were holding your best friend’s newborn for the first time. Either way, you want a baby. And you want one now. This overwhelming need fills every inch of your body; and you just know it’s time.

While your heart might be ready, however, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself – and your partner- before you jump headfirst into trying to conceive.

Trying to Conceive? Let’s Talk First

Are You BOTH Ready To Be Parents?

While many women dream of motherhood from the time they receive their first baby doll, most men just don’t have fantasies about fatherhood in the same way. You might feel that you are in the right time and place in your marriage or relationship to have a baby, and that you are more than ready to be a mother, but don’t forget one very important element: your partner.

Talk to your partner about how you are feeling, and really take the time to listen to his feelings on the subject. Some men might find this particular conversation intimidating at first, so don’t force him to give you an answer right away. If your partner is the kind of man who likes to take time and think about things before talking about them, bring the subject up and then let it go for a few days or even weeks. Revisit it after you feel you’ve given him plenty of time to truly collect his thoughts. Remember, having a baby might bring on different responsibilities for each of you. While you’ve prepared in your mind how you will raise and nurture your child, he needs time to prepare in his mind how his duties as a husband and father will change things for him.

If you plan on being a SAHM, he will have the weight of ensuring he can provide for a larger family financially, as well as being there to support you and your child emotionally. Becoming a parent is life changing. You want to make sure that you are both ready to make that change together.

Is Your Marriage In A Good And Solid Place?

Having a baby can be one of the most challenging and trying times for new parents. It is often a difficult transition for even the most stable and loving couples. Some women think that having a baby might help them reconnect with their spouses and se

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