Mainstreaming a parent-school program to support early child development

Source – Child and Family Blog –

How do you mainstream a successful early child development program when those who have to pay for it are not those who save money when it successfully reduces problems for children later down the line? This problem defeats many programs to assist early child development, even if they show very positive results in pilots.

In the US Midwest around Chicago, a comprehensive experiment is under way to take a program that improves school achievement among three- to nine-year-olds into the mainstream at a much larger scale.

The Midwest Child-Parent Center (CPC) Expansion program aims to improve school achievement with parent support. It is delivered inside schools or in centers very close by. Hallmarks of the program include extra teachers, reduced class sizes and increased learning time for children.

Evaluations have shown that at a smaller scale, the program has a significant impact on children – increasing school readiness, reading and math achievement, and rates of school achievement, and

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